I’ve been viewing several shows of Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition recently. What’s interesting about the show is that each loser is given a huge phase one goal, often more than a pound each day for the first 90 days. The show does not focus on what they do to reduce the weight apart from a few statements about diet and usually a fresh home fitness space build out at their residence. Watching the show makes you think, may I be 40 actually, 50, even 80 pounds lighter in 3 months?

Every weight reduction application on the android and iphone market caps weight loss at 2lbs weekly – not 7-10lbs. Every health article compiled by doctors suggest no more than 2lbs a week too. It looks like the magic number for weight loss pace is 2lbs weekly, but most of us have seen shows like this one where in fact the contestants are often shown losing 5, 10, even 20 lbs in a single week! Could it be fiction or fact?

Do contestants really lose this much weight? Could it be safe to lose that much weight in that short amount of time? I heard one person say “it’s safer than having that much fat on the body!” Maybe that’s true – but why is 2lbs a week the magic quantity then? Every application on the market today uses calorie math at 3500 calories in a pound.

If you want to reduce 2lbs weekly – you have to burn off 1000 calories above your meal intake each day. If I eat 2000 calorie consumption each day (most FDA charts suggest this is actually the appropriate amount of daily caloric intake), each day – then I will lose 2lbs weekly and I burn 3000 calorie consumption. A day But what if I burn 4000 calories from fat?

Shouldn’t I then lose 4lbs a week? Isn’t the evolutionary reason the body stores extra calories as the extra fat for times we burn more than we take in? So as long as I’m still eating on the bare minimum (apparently 1200 calories a day), then I should be ok to burn off as much as I can, right? Again, I’ve no idea what’s right.

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  • Works to avoid certain types of cancer
  • A hypermetabolic state
  • 2 to 3 oz or more of raw potato can be added to increase bowel motion frequency
  • Lose fat
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I also don’t understand how metabolism factors in. I know that when you can eat a great deal of food without attaining weight, people say you have a higher metabolism. I believe the only thing this post is proving is that I understand almost nothing about weight loss despite having a weight loss blog for quite some time now. Have you contemplated signing up to my Feed?

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