Instead of made a decision to advance civilization, change the world, and love each other, they have created war among themselves, for his or her own reasons. The robbery itself is a crime that is really as old as the lifestyle of property. Instead of deciding to increase their own wealth, by the labor of their hands, the man decided to benefit from the praise of another man’s hand.

Rape itself has been detested throughout all of Western Europe, but it is only recently available phenomena that the purpose changed. For a great deal of time, rape was simply thought to be expensive property damage. Finally when the individuals realized that women are themselves capable of self-employed thought, and a desire to express and experience internal emotions, rape has been changed, from property damage to personal assault.

While the monarchs and elected officials of countries, and their countless fans, have endeavored to offer their ideas and plans on ending criminal offense, few have attempted to discover the reason behind crime. It has almost always been assumed that the source of criminal offense is a simple disobedience to the law.

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It was only in the 20th century that the burkha finally discovered that criminal activity had not been in fact caused be a diseased brain. It really is a crime that I shall be investigating within this paper. By criminal offense, I mean a violation of either the laws or social traditions (new and old) in a culture. Before continuing in this piece, it is probably most important to first note the most common types of criminal offense that happen within this nation. However, there are overlapping crimes.

Robbery, for example, for something as small as a few dollars, may go persecuted, but the crime of battery or assault may finish up with the suspect serving several years. With that, I continue in my own analysis. WHILE I speak of Crimes of Greed, It is wanted by me to be understood that I am speaking of robbery, of mugging, of fraud of property in any manner.

The desire to steal property can be understood by all. It really is but an individual desire, one which exists inside most of us, to have the necessities of life, such as food, shelter, and the like. In fact, it is human hardly and rather completely natural to all types of life.