I’ve had dried out skin all my life, but I didn’t really realize it until I began to try wearing makeup. I remember while i had a makeover done in university, and the products looked positively terrible on my skin: caked-on and flakey and bad. I couldn’t wait around to wash it off. The makeup artist said it would look better once I handled my skin (I’m not kidding) and, while I didn’t appreciate her blaming me on her behalf poor application, it helped me realize I had formed dry skin.

Of course, this experience didn’t exactly encourage me to wear makeup so that it was some more years before I began to figure things out. Now that I’ve been wearing makeup regularly for years, in addition to writing about it and trying out tons of different makeup and skincare products, I finally know very well what works for my dry epidermis.

Getting makeup to look good on dried out skin takes a mixture of skincare and the right products. You can’t do nothing for your skin layer and then awaken each day and throw any type of base on and expect it to look good. Dry skin requires some TLC as well as some advance planning.

  • Launder uniforms and other clothing after every use
  • Bathe only one time a day
  • Nano Hyaluronic Acid can be easily soaked up to provide dampness to the deeper epidermis layers
  • 35 chapters, 83,835 words, and the first draft of the Burning Thorns book is DONE
  • You want to look good ALL OF THE TIME

Often with dried out skin, flakiness is definitely an concern. You want your skin to be always a smooth surface on which to use makeup, once a week so make certain to exfoliate at least. 6). I love every product that I’ve attempted from Soap & Glory, and their scrubs have been too severe on my delicate epidermis never. As for the Cosmedix scrub, you can pair that with water or any cleanser for an extremely deep pore cleanse, and I like that it contains 100 % natural ingredients along with salicylic acid for smoother skin. So definitely consider using one of the or something similar to slough off flakes and such before doing anything else.

The next step, your skin layer is clean once, is to make sure it’s properly moisturized. Above are three of the best products for keeping my epidermis hydrated. I like to use Skin’s Shangri La during the night after cleaning my face before bed. It’s a dense, luxurious moisturizer so that it might make that person sparkly for daytime use too, but it sinks in while I sleep so I awaken with glowing skin.

The Skin Inc. Custom-Blended Serum is genius; you take a skin identity quiz on their website and then they blend three serums that are ideal for your skin type. This serum sinks in immediately, so it’s fine to place it on before your nighttime moisturizer or before makeup (or both). Finally, I definitely recommend utilizing a daytime moisturizer that has at least SPF 30 to safeguard your skin from sun harm. This one from FAB is ideal for dry, sensitive skin and it layers well under makeup.