Baidu PC Faster is a robust PC optimizer that provides a complete set of tools to ensure computer systems function at their optimum levels. The scheduled program boosts rate by resolving system problems and removing clutter and different acceleration obstructions. In addition, it enhances PC security by detatching vulnerabilities that can be fixed online such as Windows updates. Since some type of computer using Baidu is current always, this program protects against all potential new dangers.

Baidu PC Faster has an agreeable user interface, not only mainly because that it’s multi-colored but also because it organizes the large assortment of features and tools thoughtfully. The house display offered us an initial evaluation of the position of our PC, a quick treatment button that we used to scan our system right away and links to different sections and tools of this program.

The quick scan feature provides three modules: System Check, Speed and Cleaner. We used System Check to find out any possible issues with our bodies checkings and went even deeper into category view. We disabled some programs using SpeedUp to improve startup times then. We also scanned for junk and temporary files using Cleaner, which provided a one click clean process.

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Cleaner provided us with the option to configure the regions of our system we wanted to scan deeper. We pointed out that Quick Check bypassed some certain areas, which feature allowed us to check them more completely. Under the SpeedUp feature, we switched to the startup item tabs and boot time manager for a better analysis of our findings.

Although this program provides suggestions about items that may be disabled and those that should be left active, we recommend that only advanced users change these configurations. We were delighted that the Win Update section didn’t advise that we set up every available patch. Furthermore to showing high-risk patches, Baidu showed us non-recommended patches and optional ones also.

CloudScan provided faster and deeper scanning modes for scanning startup items, running programs, common software, various drive system and files settings. We were able to continue using our computer without any nagging problems while the scanning process was ongoing. Baidu PC Faster is an effective PC optimizer that won’t fill one’s body with bloat-ware although it comes with a wide range of features and tools. It is well suited for both seasoned and new users. Although the program generally provides suggestions about its various functions, always ensure that you only change what you understand to avoid messing one’s body.

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