The standard business card size is 3.5 by 2-in .. Good sense dictates using a traditional size cards. Bigger business cards will not easily fit into wallets or most business cards holders. Smaller cards stand the opportunity of getting lost or overlooked. It’s likely that an odd-sized business card will end up in the trash.

Does your business cards have a font size so small that you’ll require at hand out a magnifier for it to be read? Beware of this practice. You might be able to cram more information onto the card with a little font, but what good could it be if people can’t read it? A good guideline is to use a type size smaller than 7-8 point no.

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Your name point can be considered a little larger; i.e., 9 point, and the business name usually appears proficient at about 12-15 point. An appealing business card does not support the print content of the novella. An excessive amount of print appears busy, is difficult to learn, and appears unprofessional. Simple best is. Sort out the information and keep only what’s totally essential for someone to know your name, your business, what you do, and why they should use you, and how to reach you.

People expect established businesses to have a physical address. If your business credit card is missing an address, it can make potential clients question how long you have been around in business and exactly how long you’ll stay static in business. If you work from home and do not want to add your home address on your business card, consider obtaining a post office container, a business email package at a UPS store, or a digital office address.

If none of those options are in your allowance, at least add a city and state on your business credit card, so customers involve some idea of where your business is located. On the flip side, don’t make the error of color-overload. Too many colors that don’t complement one another can make the credit card look busy and will detract from the content of your card.

Many people use email instead of making calls. And people who want more info about your business often want for more information without a sales pitch. So each goes to your website and read about you there. They also will look there for any social media presence you have listed, and look at those pages then.

If your email address and website are lacking from your cards, it’s likely you’ll miss out on some business. What good is having a box full of business cards if they are just sitting there collecting dust? It would serve you and your business easier to apply the old axiom, “Use it or lose it.” What is it possible to lose? Will have a way to obtain your cards wherever you go. Give them out when appropriate, even though you’re at it, please give out several. Invite visitors to pass the extras along to others who may need your service. You might be surprised at how this can result in a referral often.

The program instructs participants how to determine the market opportunity for their technology and who the probably customers will be. Helping researchers “escape the laboratory” is one of the most crucial and challenging parts of the Accelerate UConn program, relating to UConn vice president for research and previous Accelerate UConn participant, Radenka Maric.

Partola served as the group’s entrepreneurial business lead, which designed he was accountable for interviewing dozens of prospective customers. 3,000 award provided by Accelerate UConn to go to LA, California, and speak with nurses, experts, and pharmacists about his technology at the national meeting of the Anticoagulation Forum. Partola says the chance to speak with customers and the Accelerate UConn curriculum experienced a direct effect on his perspective on entrepreneurship and being a scientist. The set have formed a startup, Eir Medical Devices. 15,000 stipend, extensive business support, and one-on-one coaching from industry experts. A panel of exterior judges were so impressed with the team’s technology and business plan they have been named finalists in the forthcoming Wolff New Business Competition administered by CCEI.

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