BB Creams. We’ve all heard of them, but they can still confuse the heck out of us! Originating in Asia, these beauties are a comparatively new addition to the western market still, so I am on the search for a good 3 years now trying to find the one that works for me personally. And I’ve been through my fair share!

But I have FOUND. My BB Cream conditions list was pretty specific, and long, but this manages to tick all of my boxes. I needed something with a light to medium coverage, that wasn’t drying, evened out my complexion, and combined easily. No glorified tinted moisturizers thanks a lot! I had been gifted the Too Faced Tinted Beauty Balm by my youthful sibling for my birthday (many thanks!) and it is ignored.

  • Dermatologist and clinically tried
  • The low-quality mattes
  • The Jungle Book
  • Go out-of-doors in winter
  • 50s Rouge, blush
  • Becoming more preoccupied with your appearance

I found the tone Vanilla Glow, which is the next lightest shade in the five-colour range. The steadiness is similar to sunscreen, except it blends into a pleasant even finish (no stickiness!). Don’t allow the color fool you – finished. With BB Creams usually once blended into your skin layer, you are given by them a sheerer-than-foundation kind of coverage.

So although it looks ultra pigmented just dabbed on my cheek below, once combined it has the ideal amount of coverage to cover any imperfections while still looking natural and allowing my dermis to inhale and exhale. Let’s do a little assessment, shall we? On the left, I’m using no base makeup.

My pores and skin is for the most part blemish-free (teenage zits – finally we say goodbye!), but my cheeks and nose area I really do involve some redness transpiring around. Now looking to the next image, after using the Too Faced Tinted Beauty Balm JUST, my skin looks much more uniformly toned and therefore redness is virtually non-existent!

Buuuuut it generally does not appear to be I’m wearing makeup, which is exactly what I want from a BB! Close up, you can see that most of my redness in my nose and cheeks has been hidden. My natural skin however continues to be showing through, but I really like that for those no-makeup-makeup-days as I don’t want to go out barefaced, but can not be bothered to look all out with my usual routine. My epidermis but better? What’s your favorite BB Cream? Allow me to know in the comments below!

Some primers are even available in aerosol and olive oil form, and that means you may take your get. 6. Color Correct: Normally, only using a groundwork without using a color corrector is only going to make your imperfections look ashy and as if you tried too hard to conceal them. If you have crimson under-eye circles or any pigmentation that is dark, use a peach well developed color corrector, whereas if you have any redness on that person, use a renewable shade corrector.