There are several tax advantages of home ownership, as you might have noticed. YEAR EVERY, like clockwork, for so long as you own the house and pay a home loan. Running a true home invokes more than a sense of satisfaction and freedom. Additionally it is a long-term investment opportunity. · Mortgage Interest Payments: Mortgage interest is usually deductible on a primary residence, as well as on another home that meets certain requirements.

Now you’re a new player with sheltered income. · Mortgage Insurance Payments (so-called PMI): Congress has prolonged the home loan insurance deduction for yet another three years. That is especially ideal for low- and moderate-income homeowners, as well as first-time home purchasers putting down less than 20 %, generally. · Home Equity: The eye paid on home-collateral loans could mean tax benefits that are not available through other credit sources.

He still considers Portfolio Theory, & most Economic Nobel Prize-winning research, are based on distributions with fixed parameters. As per correlations being stochastic and so uninformative, he could be wrong again: they may be highly predictable, as high-beta portfolios formed using past data to create portfolios with higher future betas. The same is true for low volatility investing.

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A good amount of gamma, like having the ideal amount of medication or specialty area, is an excellent thing. The proper amount can be positive Yet, negative, or zero, in a variety of contexts. Many good things have negative gamma, such as the strategy of being nice to strangers: they have a great drawback, such as when you naively connect to a stranger, being nice is an excellent default strategy yet. You can price gamma and it’s really not free, therefore the question is always whether this price is too high or too low.

Indeed, Universa’s new focus on timing volatility trading begs the question: how do you time these things? How do you price things that react hydra-like to having its head to take off? Contra Antifragile I would say: don’t bias your portfolio towards lottery solution investments, even if only 10%. Find something you are good at, become excellent at it, and make investments of your time and effort and speculative prosperity there.

Fido, Etrade, TD, Scott want your cash and they are paying one to move your IRA. But what do they get? Fees and more fees. 100 within the next couple of years. 500 for that move. Are you being cheated like these workers? 62 million to get rid of a lawsuit over claims it shortchanged 120,000 employees and retirees who participated in its pension plans. The beneficiaries accused the defense contractor of subjecting these to excessive management fees and leaving those who invested in the company stock fund with returns which were worse than if they’d bought shares on the open market.

Is GOLD as an investment best for you? 3 billion as the price tag on yellow metal it dug in the Russian Far East soared, has lost 99 percent of its value in the past five years. Even the smartest and best-informed moguls make mistakes. Market timing does NOT work. If you kept the S&P 500 index after it fell -37% drop in 2008, you’ll have gained 26%, 15%, 2%, 16%, 32%, and 14% right now.

Few were lucky to “buy on the next dip” and have a gain. Is Long-term care insurance affordable? 100,000 a year. Logically, you are more likely to go out of retirement money by living longer than ending up in a high-cost nursing home. Calendar year for premium for 20-30 years 7700 per.

150 per day for 3 years. Is a used Lexus right for you? Lexus is the best overall brand; Fiat is worst. 28 brands that the publication experienced enough data. 22,000 in NJ already broken in at 41K miles. The priciest are not the best- “You DON’T get what you purchase.” These are the ones you are hoped by you don’t get attached to.

700 Billion a season for WWII deployments? That is 27 cents of every dollar in taxes-the largest part of our money-and we aren’t even at battle. We could pay off our money and fix our schools, roads, and bridges! We are paying for 164,253 of our active-duty armed staff to maintain 150 countries round the global world. We’ve about 50,000 in Japan and 50,000 in Germany. Are we preparing for WWII again? United States. Season Our fees pay for about 50 % of the WORLD’s armed service expenditures every. 398.6 billion so significantly on the F-35 program-they can’t soar securely. We just can’t afford to pay for everyone else’s defenses anymore.