Interest in business architecture is constantly on the accelerate even while business architecture teams struggle for success. Business market leaders are at the moment realizing the value as business architects transfer to more business centric functions. But the road remains difficult. Most business structures procedures are attempting and the number of successful initiatives remains small still.

Few best practices have emerged to guide the new business architect. Although challenges are great, the huge benefits are sustained and the near future is bright for professionals with the right ambition and skills. This webinar will present a current state view of the continuing business architecture profession, the trends that will forward drive it, and the career opportunities it offers.

Business cases ready properly really helps to understand the requirements of the clients. Top Management should help to provide the required resources, expert, and any type or kind of assistance wherever required. In a project, number of people work who perform various activities. So, action plan focusing on ideas and steps to be studied to achieve the goals should be talked about and noted. It is important to figure out tasks to be completed, time required to complete each task and resources to be allocated for the tasks.

Project Manager must make intend to recruit, select and train the required skilled employees. Communication: As many people are involved in a project, a network is necessary so that people can connect to one another. Team is aligned on activities taking place, roles and duties and assistance required. The correct flow of communication reduces the ambiguity and helps to achieve the goals within an efficient and effective way. Communication is the backbone of a continuing business, system and organization.

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All the activities should be monitored and accordingly decisions should be studied as and when required. Depending upon the feedback, improvements should be produced. It is very important to compare the expected performance and real performance. Control is required to reduce this gap between expected and real results. The types of controls used in project management are cybernetic, go/no-go, and post-performance.

Cybernetic control focusses on the outputs. Whereas, go/no-go control ensures that before undertaking a task the prerequisites are satisfied. Following the completion of a project, post-performance settings are applied. Amid all the actions, it is important that the customer’s interest shouldn’t be neglected. Along with the project manager, customer should be benefited by the procedure efficiency also. We expect the merchandise to be accepted by the client Ultimately. If the customer focus is shifted, all the efforts may go futile. So while focusing on other aspects of project management, it is recommended to keep the requirements of the client at heart highly.

As we realize that the client is the ruler! There are various activities involved in a project. To guarantee the efficient working of the team and successful achievement of the objectives, Project Manager should inspire the teammates. Sometimes things may not are expected but it is necessary that team is motivated to work together to accomplish it.

Project Manager should talk, understand and try to find the solutions for the problems experienced by the team. It’s the job of the Project Manager and management to help the team with timely solutions. It is the collective job of the management, Task team and Management to achieve the target of customer approval and satisfaction.