Proskauer, released a study they did on public mass media this week, and I found it quite troubling from the employee-side point of view. Seventy percent of employers not only monitor employee social media but are disciplining employees for expressing incorrect views. I must ask, what the hell are we arriving to when employers think they have the right to monitor and control employees’ opinions expressed independently time in their own blogs, Facebook webpages or other social media.

What types of things are employers monitoring and breaking down on? Misrepresenting the views of the business? Disparaging remarks about the business or employees? Wow. The nerve of employees having views different from those of their employers or disparaging an abusive manager. Fortunately, employees who are being subjected to this Big Employer behavior have the NLRB in their courtroom.

NLRB protects most non-supervisory non-government employees from many overbroad public media policys. Tossing a disclaimer necessity: Kroger got the brilliant idea of requiring employees to create a disclaimer whenever their articles related to work. Tossing an anti-negativity policy: Hills and Dales General Hospital decided all employees must be happy, or at least not express unhappiness.

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Making an employer rescind policy against discussing professionals, customers, suppliers: Valero needed to toss its interpersonal media plan to fulfill the NLRB. The offending plan about discussing executives, et al. Policy 1: Protecting the private information of our employees, customers, companions and suppliers is also important. Do not mention them, including Valero executives, in social media without their permission, and make sure you don’t disclose items such as sensitive private information of others or details related to Valero’s business with its customers.

Policy 2: Usually do not post whatever is false, deceptive, obscene, defamatory, profane, discriminatory, libelous, threatening, harassing, abusive, hateful or embarassing to some other entity or person. Be sure to respect others’ privacy. If you think your employer’s cultural media policy has ended the very best, or if you are being disciplined for public media use, contact the NLRB or speak to an employment lawyer in your state about your rights.

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