Five years after it launched, Google’s Gmail for business is finally prepared to worry Microsoft, according to leading analysts at Gartner, reviews the London Telegraph. The verdict, tomorrow announced before a summit Gartner is holding in London, cites Gmail’s growing impact, with an increase of than 5,000 major agreements with businesses. Cloud-based email is claimed to be more secure and easier to access remotely than traditional email, which is normally run through a server owned and stored at a company’s premises.

Click to renew your permit in 3 simple actions. When will the division terminate my license? Your maker and business entity manufacturer license will be terminated if your license is not restored on or before your expiration time. How can I get my license reinstated when I was terminated? You need to fill out a fresh producer license application and satisfy all the evaluation requirements. 100 fee for a manufacturer license. If your license has terminated due to nonrenewal within the past 12 months, you might renew your permit late.

100 fee. Fee may be paid by money or check order, made payable to DIFP – Insurance. My license got lost or ruined. How do I print a fresh one? Click this link to print your license. When do I need to get a qualification or clearance letter? How do I get one? Clearance letters may be required if you are moving to another state and wish to be licensed for the reason that state. Certification characters may also be required by another condition, if you obtain a non-resident license for the reason that state. My name or address changed. What do I need to do?

All changes or corrections to your name, address, or SSN must be submitted by the producer in writing. Address changes for producers must be made (in writing) within thirty days on the proper form (Form 375-0085). Instead of written notification of the address change to MO DIFP – Insurance, an electronic address change can be utilized. If failure to notify the Insurance of your producer address change prevents Insurance from serving you with a complaint, your license may be immediately revoked.

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How should I meet my continuing education requirements? All resident and non-resident producers are required to meet up with the continuing education requirements for Missouri. Non-residents are exempt if their state has a mandatory continuing education law. Your continuing education overview is due at your permit renewal biennially. Have suffered a serious physical injury or illness.

Are on active responsibility in the Armed Forces for an extended time. Reside beyond your U.S. Are 70 or old. How do you pay my fees? Business entity maker check. Fee may be paid by check or money order, made payable to DIFP – Insurance. Just how does the Licensing be contacted by me Section? Is there a particular statute or regulation that handles how long an insurance provider or agency must retain customer policy and claims’ information? We are in the process of going paperless.

We have many old documents that are for people that are no longer our customers. Our question is how long do we must carefully keep the old data files, and if they are no longer covered by insurance through us do we have to keep the signed applications longer than the rest of the files. Will there be a particular statute when it comes to how long an insurance company or insurance company must retain customer plan information? For a more detailed description of the regulation, please browse the full rules.