Circle of Nine. Today she demonstrates on writing obstructions and inspirations. Thank you Ian, for inviting me to submit to your site. Those of us lucky enough to personally know Ian, know that he’s a gentleman who is extremely large along with his support for other writers. Being part of the online writing community of fellow Selwa Anthony authors, I’ve read and gleaned a lot from Ian’s experience and wisdom over the years. So, of course I couldn’t refuse his invitation to be a part of his online project to help others.

Well, that’s what I was after! I started writing a historical, supernatural murder mystery called The Witches of Paris. I posted the proposal to Selwa, who was simply very enthusiastic. Sophia Coppola was rumoured to be directing a movie predicated on Marie Antoinette; my book was set in an identical location therefore it seemed like a well-timed idea. However in 2007, when The Witches of Paris was still nearly done, I continued holiday with my children to Stanley on the North-West Coast of Tasmania and fell in love with a white house by the sea. A house that became important to my writing career extremely.

It gave me an idea for a new reserve, Poet’s Cottage, which Selwa motivated me to start while I used to be waiting for an editor’s record within the Witches Of Paris. The greater I done Poet’s Cottage, the more the characters came to me. I had been to India in my early twenties and remained at a well-known religious Guru’s ashram who had a stating, ‘Take one step towards me and I’ll have a thousand in your direction.’ This reserve was like this exactly.

My characters literally dragged me into the story. Every morning and the procedure became very fascinating These were waiting for me. ’ as her daughter Thomasina, who witnessed the murder, claimed. Or, did something more sinister combination the threshold of Poet’s Cottage much? A stranger to the town, as the local people held insisting – or someone Pearl respected and knew? As I mentioned, I had been on christmas with my children while i first spotted the house that ignited the spark that became the book Poet’s Cottage. In my own Sydney life, I live with my little girl and my article writer spouse, David Levell, in a small, historic brick house in the inner-west.

It’s such as a small doll’s house and my husband is used if you ask me falling deeply in love with homes on all my travels. I’m a very very pleased fifth era Tasmanian – and often homesick for my home condition. This particular house ticked all my boxes – it was a white Georgian-style home that looked like something the Bronte sisters could have lived in. It overlooked the ocean, in a picturesque, Tasmanian sea-fishing town.

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A village that was a combination of wild gothic, isolated coastline contrasted with a very Cornish looking, cosy community that could have come from an Enid Blyton or Daphne du Maurier novel straight! I sensed that this homely house had a tale to tell me. There didn’t look like anybody living there and so my imagination was free to conjure up a myriad of scenarios.

I spent a lot of time standing beyond your gates, listening for the secrets and stories that I sensed sure the home was endeavoring to whisper if you ask me. Every day There is a friendly gentleman who said hello to me in the street. On one of our meetings, I confided I’d fallen deeply in love with the homely house, and he beamed, ‘That’s Poet’s Cottage! And I’m the poet who used to live there! ’ This friendly local was Lin Eldridge – when he uncovered I had been a writer – he introduced me to his 90-something year old wife, whose name is Marguerite Eldridge.