GirlsCount to attract attention to the problems – and opportunity – around women’ education and show why educating women is a good investment. A written report issued in conjunction with the campaign exposes how educating a girl for each day costs less than a loaf of bread or an everyday newspaper. Yet this is one of the best bets we can make.

Educating every lady to secondary level in sub-Saharan Africa could help save the lives of just one 1.2 million children. The report calls on leaders in authorities, civil society, and business to respond to this turmoil and seize the opportunity with a striking plan for ensuring every girl comes with an education. Girlscount provides supporters the opportunity to take a public stance.

Here is how it operates. Click on this site. First, recognize that 130 million women don’t have access to education. Then, sign up for the world in counting them one by one. Next, pick an available number from a gallery that is provided, record yourself counting it in a film or photo.

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