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Citric acid will lower the pH of the compound. Moisturizers can have a lesser pH since their function is not designed to cleanse. I’ve used citric acid in my DIY creams always. Before I understood the chemistry of earning a lotion really, I thought citric acid was a preservative. Come to find out, it is a pH adjuster. Many people use it to inhibit bacterias growth because bacterias has a harder time growing in a lesser pH. Now, toners are designed to appropriate pH actually.

Toners were really popular to use after using cleaning soap or a cleanser to clean the face since they were able to correct your skin’s pH after the cleanser shot it up to 9 or more. This sounds great except that adjusting your pH from one extreme to some other is very difficult on your skin layer and still can cause damage to your acid mantle.

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Once you have corrected your pH levels of your cleanser and moisturizer, your toner can server as an “assistant” to your cleanser and moisturizer and actually help “tone” the skin. Chemical exfoliants have a pH around 2-3. Applying something that is this acidic shall help dissolve useless skin cells and encourage new cells to create.

Using products with a low pH all too often can really aggravate your skin layer though. Because everyone’s pores and skin differs, you must always be aware of your own pH and exactly how your skin layer responds to different products. It’s not easy to test your pH yourself. Doctor’s usually use a saliva test. I’ve heard this can be done at home but I haven’t tried it yet. Are normal characteristics of out of balance epidermis Below. Skin feels oily after cleansing.