Laser (light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation) is being increasingly used in cosmetic pores and skin treatments. Laser technologies are making inroads into traditional beauty and skin care industry and these aesthetic treatments are replacing traditional methods. How does cosmetic laser beam works? Laser produces intense laser beam energy of a particular wavelength. The narrow extreme beam might be visible or invisible depending upon its wavelength.

On achieving the target cells it is consumed and converted into warmth energy inactivating and destroying the target tissues cells without impacting the other encircling cells. Ablative and non-ablative lasers are the two basic types. Ablative lasers take away the top layer of skin. The non ablative devices warm up the inner skin tissue to induce collagen deposit , nor affecting the outer epidermis coating.

The facial plastic surgeon is the right person for deciding on the type of cosmetic laser therapy to be undertaken, considering all the pros and disadvantages of the options available. Depending upon the plan of action and strategy and the blemish involved you can need several session at the clinic.

After the conclusion of the laser beam session, the patient might develop bloating and reddening of the skin. He may be recommended anti inflammatory antibiotics and medicine to reduce inflammation and to prevent infection. The entire impact of the technique will be apparent only after a couple of months. If proper eye protection is not worn through the performance there’s a threat of eye damage.

Pain, reddening, burns, inflammation and bloating are the typical after effects. The healing up process could easily get prolonged for a few individuals. The inflammation gets infected in some cases. There could be hypopigmentation or hyperpigmentation of the wound (which is usually temporary). In some full instances the change in pigmentation could become long lasting. In case of use of wrong device or improper methodology permanent scars may result.

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Though each program may be brief, the complete treatment may be frustrating needing several travels. Cosmetic laser treatments are costly usually. The effectiveness may vary from individual to individual and some having complete satisfaction plus some getting disappointed with the result. Types of acne scarring. Types of skin discoloration. Skin sensitive to touch. Get glowing pores and skin complexion. Remove acne scarring and blemishes from face.

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