Clever Storage Solutions

In NYC, apartments can be very small, and storage space is a precious commodity that must be utilized in the most efficient manner possible. Consider smart storage solutions such as: Should you desire to dive deeper into the subject, home renovation contractors new york city. We’ve specially prepared this external content, where you’ll find valuable information to broaden your knowledge.

  • Utilize the space underneath your bed by using bed risers to elevate your bed slightly and create extra space to store clothes, shoes, or other small items.
  • Install shelving on the walls to create additional storage space – both closed and open shelving options are available. You can select from a wide range of materials, from budget-friendly particleboard to high-end reclaimed wood.
  • Use versatile pieces of furniture that double as storage spaces such as storage ottomans and coffee tables, or a bed with built-in drawers.
  • When shopping for furniture, consider pieces that can serve more than one purpose whenever possible. Choose furniture that can be easily converted or moved around, such as a sleeper sofa that also serves as a guest bed and a comfy seat during the day.

    Use Wall Space

    In NYC apartments, floorspace is often at a premium. Utilizing wall space can help to free up some of the clutter on the floor. Take advantage of any empty wall space by adding shelves, wall-mounted hooks or racks, or even magnetic strips to hold knives and other metal tools in the kitchen.

    Mirrors not only make rooms appear larger, but they can also provide additional storage or be used as a decorative element. A full-length mirror hung on a closet door is an excellent storage solution. Simply add hooks and pegs for jewelry, scarves, and accessories.

    Smart Tips for Maximizing Space in Small NYC Apartments 2

    Make use of Vertical Space

    Making use of vertical space such as high ceilings and tall walls is critical in NYC apartments. You can use a tool like a ladder or step stool to Access this informative guide those high-up spots. Try using tall bookcases to store books, small items, and plants.

    If your ceiling height is too low to accommodate a traditional loft bed, consider building a platform bed over your living space. This idea not only creates additional storage space underneath but also elevates your bed into an entirely separate living area, perfect for a cozy sleeping nook or small office area.

    Optical Illusions

    Use optical illusions to make your space feel more significant than it is. It is essential to be strategic with the arrangement of your furniture and decor. Place mirrors and reflective pieces to make your space feel more expansive, and use light colors and patterns to make your space feel airy and open.

    If you have a difficult time managing your closet space, then try the hanger trick. Flip all your hangers so that they face the opposite direction. After you wear an item of clothing, re-hang it facing the other way. After a few weeks or months, any item of clothing still facing the wrong direction has not been used and can be removed. This technique helps to create more space in your closet and reduces clutter.

    Invest in Multi-Functional Pieces

    Investing in multi-functional pieces might do wonders for your small NYC apartment. For example, consider a Murphy bed that transforms into a desk. The bed can be lifted and propped at a ninety-degree angle when not in use. You can then use the desk below as an excellent place for work and as an additional space to store items.

    Use nesting tables, which can be stacked together when not in use, to save space. Finally, invest in a beautiful low-profile sectional sofa that can double as a bed for guests and be reconfigured as needed.


    Living in small apartments in NYC can be a real challenge when it comes to finding adequate space to store your possessions. But by employing some of these space-maximizing tips, you can make the most of even the smallest living spaces. These ideas are flexible and easy to implement, and they make your space more enjoyable, giving your apartment a unique personality and style. Expand your knowledge with Access this informative guide external content! kitchen remodeling companies new york city, explore the suggested site.