What are Sticker Materials?

Sticker materials refer to the substrate or backing of a sticker. It is the surface to which the adhesive is applied. Sticker materials come in various types and are made of different materials such as paper, polyester, vinyl, and PVC. Choosing the right sticker material can make a significant difference in the durability, cost, and performance of your product.

Types of Sticker Materials

Here are some of the most common types of sticker materials: To deepen your understanding of the subject, make sure to check out Explore this knowledge source thoughtfully chosen external resource we’ve arranged to accompany your reading. Printed stickers!

  • Paper Stickers – These are the most affordable and easiest to print on. Paper stickers are intended for indoor use and are not water-resistant.
  • Polyester Stickers – These stickers are made of synthetic materials and are waterproof, tear-resistant and they last long. Polyester stickers are ideal for outdoor use because of their durability.
  • Vinyl Stickers – Vinyl is one of the most popular materials for creating stickers. Vinyl stickers are water and weather-resistant, which provides opportunities for outdoor usage.
  • PVC Stickers – PVC is a thicker material which can create 3D effects. These stickers have a long lifespan, both indoor and outdoor, and are commonly found on products such as bottles & jars.
  • Choosing the Right Sticker Material

    When creating a sticker, it is essential to choose the right sticker material, ensuring your product meets the intended requirements. Here are some factors you should consider before choosing a sticker material:

    Intended Use

    It’s important to select an appropriate sticker material based on your product’s use. For example, if your product package is intended to be used outdoors, vinyl or polyester stickers are the right choice. Vinyl stickers are resistant to harsh weather conditions, while polyester is waterproof and durable.


    Paper stickers are the most affordable type of stickers, but they have a shorter lifespan and are not resistant to water. If you have a limited budget, paper stickers are an ideal choice for indoor use. However, for a more extended lifespan, it’s better to choose vinyl or polyester stickers. UV-resistant inks are often used for printing stickers, which provides a longer lifespan, but the cost is significantly different.


    Your sticker design can influence the choice of sticker material. For example, if you want a 3D label, you should select PVC materials, as they offer a 3D look. Likewise, if you want a higher level of precision, you should consider using polyester stickers as they can print detailed designs without pixelation or blurring.

    The Science of Sticker Materials: How to Choose the Right One for Your Product 2

    Environmental impact

    It’s essential to consider environmental factors when selecting sticker materials. If you are a brand focused on eco-friendliness, you should go for paper stickers or recyclable vinyl stickers to reduce the environmental impact. Paper stickers are the most eco-friendly, and vinyl and polyester stickers are not recyclable. Looking to further investigate the subject? custom stickers, we’ve selected it to complement your reading.


    In selecting a sticker material, several factors must be considered, including budget, environmental impact, design, and intended use. Ensure you understand your product requirements and select the appropriate sticker material that satisfies both your customers and your brand goals in terms of cost, longevity, appearance, and functionality. Always consult with a print professional to ensure you receive the best suggestions and options for your project.