Wise Women Money Quiz: How Money-Wise Are You? Awareness is the first step in getting financial freedom.TEST THOROUGHLY YOUR KnowledgeDo you understand predicament in terms of Money Smarts? Wise Women Money Quiz: How Money-Wise Are You? Awareness is the first step in getting financial freedom. Do you know where you stand in conditions of Money Smarts? The next questions are based on Oppenheimer Funds research.

It only requires a minute to observe how much you understand about working with money. 1. Sixty-percent of all women end up managing their own finances at some point in their lives. 2. Majority of the women make investments their portfolios in investments that are too conventional. 3. Most stock market traders get wiped out at least one time in their life time. 4. Two thousand dollars is the minimum amount needed to invest in a mutual finance.

5. You will need about 75% of your pre-retirement income to live comfortable during pension. 6. If a 45-yr old woman programs to stop working at age group 60, she can expect to live 21 years in pension. 7. Between stocks, bonds and CD’s, during the last 30 years bonds have appreciated the most out of any investment overall. 50 a month she shouldn’t bother.

50,000 can expect to have 50% of her income be replaced by Social Security. 10. A woman’s intuitive ability to manage her emotions around money is one of the most crucial areas of Creating Wealth over the long term. 1. FALSE- 90% of all women end up managing their own budget at some point because of increasing divorce rates, learning to be a widow and because they live much longer. 2. TRUE- Nearly all women are conservative in their investing too.

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3. FALSE- not true Historically. A couple of periods of decline but over the last 50 years, the market shows overall long-term growth. 5. TRUE- According to studies by the WEFA Group you will need 70-80% of your pre-retirement income when you retire. 36,per yr during pension 000. 7. FALSE. According to Ibbotson Associates, over the last 30 years shares have been the very best performing asset class.

29,451 in 20 years. 10. TRUE- You go girl! You KNOW it’s true! Information because of this quiz was researched by Cynthia Fick, expert financial planner. Research findings come from the Oppenheimer Trading and Women Quiz, Ibbotson Associates, the National Center of Health Statistics and a WEFA Group Study. You are a Money-Smart Woman. You have a good understanding of the problems that affect women’s financial lives. Are you using those smarts to live the entire life of your dreams?

Consider ending up in a Financial Coach to complete an assessment of your goals and have a picture of what your location is now financially. 54 o receive a free Sprecial Report, THE VERY BEST Five Reasons Why THE MAJORITY OF FEMALES Arent Wealthy and WAYS TO Change That, from Cynthia Fick, expert financial planner. This record divulges the concrete steps to financial joy. You are a Financially-Striving Woman. You’ve began to grasp how important it is perfect for women to be in control of their finances.