Premier Global (Premier Training International) offer here in the united kingdom. I required part in this program a couple of weeks ago. I used to be searching for a course to find out more about membership training (Indian clubs, power clubs etc), this program was the only one I possibly could find in the UK.

It is a 1-day course, that is REPs certified with 4 CPD factors (for what it’s well worth, the pointlessness of REPs points is a debate for a later date). The course costs £129, for this you get a 1-day workshop and an e-manual delivered to you. The manual covers all the major exercises, brief history of club training, the various grips and positions, and a table given suggested club weights for men and women of different strength levels. The manual is 65 pages long, I would suggest printing it out if you have access to a printer, as it’s simpler to read and flick back and forward with a printed version.

The course I did so was held at Premiers venue in North London. Having a dedicated venue makes a difference. So many classes I’ve attended are kept at health-night clubs, where you finish up having to await the studio room to be free or seated in a store cupboard because someone forgot to book the room away. The Premier training venue has dedicated classrooms with projectors and PowerPoint, and a studio and fitness center space.

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  • Jung Young Ji
  • 1st Lady Assistant to Sensei Henry Ellis
  • 4: Somewhat Strong

This provides it a far more professional feel than various other training providers. The course was presented by a guy who appeared as if Rudy Reyes from Generation Kills. It also proved that he was a component-time fitness model, who had recently taken part in an attribute on power clubs in Mens Fitness. This immediately made all the ladies on the course start swooning and made me want to hit him with a power membership. But just like Rudy Reyes, he was a good guy, so it was difficult to hate him! There have been only a little number of individuals on the course I took part in.

The course teacher recognized one of the ladies as having done the premier fitness diploma after some duration before and said it was good to see that someone was employed in the industry still. This is a sad indictment on our industry, that a person who runs fitness courses is surprised to find someone still working in the industry a couple of years later.

We began with a brief overview of club training and viewed some videos of golf club training like the one below, offering the premier trainer Ben McDonald who developed their power membership course. But as the Rudy Reyes lookalike described, we weren’t here for a history lesson but to learn some power club exercises!

In the studio, we protected all the energy membership exercises in the manual and more. Rudy Reyes doppelganger was a good easy going teacher with two caveats. I’d like to have seen some more training on our technique. Seeing as there have been only five folks present, there could be much more coaching, and he really might have been a stickler for hands and precision and elbow position.

There is always a danger with 1 day workshops, that anyone can do them, and also you can’t fail them. So you might have the worst technique in the world, and no one will fail you, a few days later you can be out there teaching power night clubs to people even though you can’t do-it-yourself. Of course, I’m not saying I’m perfect and I would have liked a bit more coaching on my technique, but my background with kettlebells and Olympic lifting provides me some basic ideas of how to go.

We protected more exercises than being in the manual, which in a few real ways is an excellent thing, as it offers a whole host of actions to disappear completely with. The disadvantage of the is we didn’t really spend too much time on anybody movement. Possibly doing attempting and less to perfect fewer goes would have been more beneficial.