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Get going paying dual tax. Submit ‘Residency Certificate’ that would have forwarded by the income tax division of the home country. It is issued when the lender account was opened up in the citizen country. Suppose I opened up a bank or investment company in America bank account while being there. The bank authority would issue the residency certificate.

Thereby, I would win the tax credits. These credits would be refundable in the tax bill later. How can NRIs do investment while saving tax? Invest in mutual funds. The non-taxability feature helps it is among the best NRI services drafted for Indian expats. For crediting more capital increases, avoid withdrawing mutual funds investment within twelve months. Avoid expending more than INR 100, years 000 in a financial. If you do so, prepare yourself to pay the fat tax. Avoid buying direct investment schemes as in stocks. Such investment will probably be worth to pay heavy taxes. Invest in the development scheme of equity funds to eliminate the tax.

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Last year, right before its annual competition started, I had written an article about how exactly to earn CNBC’s 2007 Million-Dollar Portfolio Challenge. 500,000 which goes to the winner. The first thing to bear in mind all the time is that is not just a contest to identify or test investing acumen.

Superior investing results are properly measured over years and are achieved by taking a proper degree of risk. Having said that, the ultimate way to put yourself in the way of the good luck necessary to earn the competition is to consider the absolute biggest amount of risk that the contest allows. In other words, simply raise the randomness and volatility of your results. To do less, is to simply acknowledge you are not in the contest to win. The 2006 competition was earned by someone who put most of his notional money into one company. This ongoing company also been embroiled in a Ponzi structure investigation at the time, today essentially worthless and is.

Now, to take a million dollars and put it into one stock that is most probably scams is the epitome of recklessness and stupidity in true to life. But to play that move around in a casino game, in the hopes that a severely beaten-down stock will catch a few moments of glory from “a dead cat jump,” is brilliance.