Can’t Install Nvidia Drivers! 1. Important: Be sure that you’re logged into Windows as the Administrator account while doing all this stuff. 2. Use the normal Windows Uninstaller(s) to uninstall any Nvidia drivers you may currently have installed. It isn’t super-important if they are successful or fail, it’s just an extra measure to maybe help make sure everything gets removed.

Remember, you can always just download and re-install them again later if you are unsure about one of these. 6. Note: I don’t think the above-mentioned steps are actually necessary, but since I did all of them myself first I figure you need to lay out the actual steps I did so just in case.

7. Download and install our custom “Take Ownership” context menu item. It’s a two-second move to make and will also be very helpful for issues later on that you may not even realize right now. 9. Right-Click on the “FileRepository” folder, and select “Take Ownership”. You will see a DOS Command window appears and flash a lot of stuff before your face.

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It only requires a few seconds to complete. What it’s doing is setting up all those folders and documents with the proper permissions. I believe that along the line somewhere, to be able to have had this issue setting up the Nvidia drivers that somehow the permissions got knocked out of whack. 11. Now, you ought to be all set! Just run the Nvidia Display Drivers (typically GeForce drivers) Setup program as usual and it should install without a hitch.

When you placed on your headset, this scanning process can take up to 10 mere seconds. After it is complete, you will either be in the Mixed Reality Home or you will be prompted to set up your boundary again. 2. Be sure your proximity sensor is toggling input to your headset: with your finger, the cover and find out the closeness sensor several times to verify insight is switching to the headset. Y banner near the top of your PC. Ensure that your controllers have full batteries and that they are paired properly using Bluetooth.

Try powering the controllers off and on using the Windows Button. If the floor of your Windows Mixed Reality Home doesn’t feel like it’s at the right height, open the Room Adjustment application from the start menu. This application will be launched, you place the application in the world once. In this app, you will be directed to use the touch pad (motion controller) or direction pad (gamepad) to adapt the ground height.