As 2018 finished we started to see sellers getting ultimately more realistic on pricing and getting some deals done. We are needs to see the market turn. You will notice higher inventory in the list and links below (and expect more once we get to February). Texas remains an extremely strong market for job growth and inhabitants development.

Below is the MID JANUARY 2019 revise. Please let me know your premises guidelines for 2019 and will keep a search profile up to date for just about any new property matching the parameters. If you have specific parameters (area/property type/size/price/etc), please let me know. When clicking on below links, you can select DISPLAY on the top right of page to display property by property details.

0. Duplex package deal – 5 duplexes in Ft Worth (year 2008 build). 1,300 lease per device – tenants pay utilities. 305,000 per duplex (2 units). 1.5M (was told seller motivated). Of year we start to see the builders get more aggressive on SPEC inventory This time. This has been limited because the Housing Bust of 2008 but I am getting more and more emails from builders with discounts on increasing inventory.

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Some still don’t allow investors but worth a glance if wanting a more recent product. That is becoming a more popular option than town homes. Better locations Typically, lower price and No HOA fees gets them to a better cashflow number. Also popular for those investors working the AirBnB model to accomplish higher cashflow.

I provide a FLAT RATE MLS service to list your investment property or device for lease on MLS. 125. The toned fee gets the property on MLS and everything the websites that pull feeds from those sources. Great exposure for your premises. If you want information with this program, please call or email.

If you need more than the MLS FLAT RATE service, I am offering Full Service list for only 1% on the listing side (still reserve 2-3% for buyer broker). Please call/email for details. Again, I am a State of Texas licensed Realtor that works with buyers to locate property. My focus throughout the Dallas/Ft Worth Metroplex are duplexes, 4-plexes and small commercial multi-family property. This website is updated bi-monthly (I also distribute a bi-monthly email with the latest property revise, i want to know if you want to be put into that list).

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