Millennials get blamed for ruining all types of things, from iconic brands to the economy. The generation of individuals created between 1980 and 2000 is portrayed by the press as being stubborn, sluggish, entitled, whiny, and oh yeah, capable of wiping out whole sectors with just the flick of the mason jar. Tastes and interests change and unless popular makes, restaurants, and industries will keep up, the risk is run by them to become obsolete. That’s not the millennials’ faults – it’s just capitalism in action.

Ahead, check out some products that are at risk of becoming extinct if they don’t find out a way to charm to millennials. It’s not that millennials don’t value laundry – it’s that they don’t understand the point of fabric softener. The fabric softener market has been declining for years now.

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According to Fortune, U.S. 15% between 2007 and 2015, with the leading brand Downy declining 26% throughout that time period. Proctor & Gamble marketing execs are scrambling to discover a way to connect with millennial customers. But because of advancements in washer technology and laundry detergent formulations, it could be too little too late. Maybe the world doesn’t need fabric softener anymore.

The big joke about millennials is that they’re all graduating from college and moving back to their parents’ basements. But don’t suppose this common craze is merely because they’re sluggish. Zillow cites two significant reasons for having less young people purchasing real estate: affordability and other generations. Housing prices have been climbing while wages stay stubbornly stagnant steadily, leaving young people strapped for cash and struggling to think of a 20% deposit.

And those first-time homebuyers are in brutal competition with each other, in hot markets especially. The other issue is the older generation. While empty-nesters of decades past chose to upsize or downsize, freeing up their beginner homes for new buyers, boomers specifically are instead choosing to stay put. This implies millennial homebuyers are stuck with less inventory, which is forcing these to either stay with their opt or parents for renting instead.

The tradition of proposing with a gemstone engagement ring is fairly recent – in reality, the whole thing was only a clever marketing campaign crafted by DeBeers. But millennials aren’t necessarily buying it anymore. Section of it is a shift in priorities. Although some millennials want to save for overpriced casing, spending hard-earned cash on glorified stones seems wasteful.