I see a great deal of questions on here and Facebook about the problems that business owners face in their dating lives (I am guilty of posting a good few myself!). It appears that there are actually common pain points and sticking factors that people are facing, so I’d like to address them any maybe it can benefit you! I relocated to a fresh country, was working employment AND starting my first business. I was not used to the city and had none of the original avenues to meet people (colleagues, friends of friends, social scene).

Because of my selection of lifestyle and because I needed to really have the most energy easy for my entrepreneurial ventures I didn’t actually want to get drunk in bars and clubs. I had fashioned no clue where and when to meet people really, I started to think it just wasn’t for me.

But, I really was frustrated as deep down I knew I wanted a dating life and a business life. What’s the idea in starting something great if you have nobody to talk about the journey with? A great partner is a genuine ADD to your life, whilst of course the wrong the first is a value taken. I began to dislike weekends, they were quieter and these were the days when it was more obvious to me I was alone.

The Monday to Friday of business life was relatively a distraction, the slightly less busy weekends were when it became really apparent. I have no idea where so when to meet people. I don’t have time. People hardly understand my lifestyle. Personally I think like I have to bargain my business for dating.

What kind of partner would suit my life as a business owner? I’d like to begin by addressing the ‘where so when to meet people’ concern. I get it, as described above I had no clue really. I was out of ideas. But, I made a plan. I started to really think about any of it and realized we have so many options as entrepreneurs. I started working in cafes of at home instead, such a simple step but the options of individuals to meet expanded exponentially just by getting away from the house. I joined business owners groupings and began hanging out and get together with people there.

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I even started to work in a co-working space, what an incredible place to meet like minded people. A number of simple how to in terms of meeting and attracting people, along with committing to this, understanding myself and what I’d like, coupled with the new found opportunities, and pressing my comfort zone lead to a good amount of options.

All of a sudden without really changing my lifestyle whatsoever I was achieving so much more people without really having to commit enough time and without sacrificing my business. One of the primary surprises was how this actually gave me A lot energy for the others of my life. Taking action in this field offered me more power for the rest of my entire life and my entrepreneurial ventures flourished.

Plus, developing better interpersonal confidence is only ever an advantage in business! Ultimately, I’m in times now where I’ve the best of both worlds. An amazing business life with the perfect partner who really knows and supports me. I am proof that it is possible Ideally! I want to know your ideas, comment below or send me a message. I’d love to answer any questions.