Celebrating & Still Losing! It’s my birthday tomorrow and for reasons unknown, this is actually the same for everyone maybe, but when it’s my birthday, as it happens to be always a week long special event! This is exactly what the week appears like so far. Just because it’s a special day or time, it does not give me license to abandon my plan! I am staying focused!

Yesterday was the start of the celebration, which is what I knew in advance. We were venturing out to dinner and a movie. So I got up and did my usual time on the Fitness treadmill, except this right time, I added an extra 10 minutes and ran just a little.

Then I planned my usual breakfast time, snacks, and lunch, being unsure of that there would be birthday pumpkin bars at work. So, of bowing out of this delicious goodness instead. I googled the calories, for the pumpkin bars, and replaced one of my snacks. I was totally happy and thrilled that I could enjoy my birthday treat still, fit it into my plan and have it without guilt!

Then it was off to dinner. I attempted to google the restaurant’s menu calories from fat, but nothing at all was listed. THEREFORE I relied on what I know. Instead of purchasing a fat juicy steak or an enormous pasta dish, I opted out for the grilled halibut, veggies, and no bread. It was included with in regards to a 1/2 mugs of pasta as well. I tried to resist, but it was just too wonderful!

The flavors of everything together was amazing! Then of course, they found out it was my BD so they offered a free of charge Creme Brulee. Now normally I’d not be happy to do this, I would want my own, but I decided to share my delicious sugar with my hubby. He got the lions talk about of this deliciousness but what I was able to reach my mouth area was amazing!

  1. 2 tablespoons of sugar
  2. 1/2 glass Cottage Cheese (2% small curd)
  3. 5 months ago
  4. 64% to 74%

After dinner, we were to the movies off. For the very first time in my own life, I went to the movie theater without buying popcorn, soda, or candy. It felt great to be filled and satisfied up enough, that not even the smell of the popcorn was tempting enough for me to overindulge! Some tips about what happened next. So hubby and I are seated in our chairs in the theater.

We aren’t eating or drinking anything. Anyway, we there are sitting, the previews hadn’t begun yet and all we’re able to listen to was paper ripping, chomping, and nibbling all over. It had been the most disgusting sound ever! I put to protect my nasal area with my shirt to help keep me from attempting to hurl. So I am sitting down there looking absurd and I’m watching the people throughout me.