Jake Butcher was 16 years of age and weighed 172 kilograms when his doctor warned him he might not live past his teenage years. Mr Butcher have been working with a team of medical researchers for quite some time to attempt to lose weight but said exercise and dieting didn’t work. Mr Butcher stopped attending school because of bullying and spent most of his time in his room. His medical issues became so severe his doctor eventually suggested weight-reduction surgery. Mr Butcher had a sleeve gastrectomy, where a significant part of his stomach was removed, and his weight started to drop.

Mr Butcher has lost about 90 kilograms because the operation, but said it got required a whole lifestyle and diet change. He said he was notably happier since getting the surgery and was now getting excited about his future. Figures from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare show an increasing number of teenagers are experiencing weight-loss procedures. Director of Joondalup Bariatric Services David Yong, who performed Mr Butcher’s surgery, said a sleeve gastrectomy was the most common procedure.

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But he said surgery was not a “magic bullet” for weight loss. It needs to be in the context of being exercised properly, assessed and as a last resort as an operation properly. And if you have significant sleep apnoea that puts your heart in danger, that puts your lungs in danger, so there’s real pressure on the heart. They have to be grown fully, so reach puberty.

A more difficult malabsorptive surgery is the biliopancreatic diversion (BPD). This weight-loss surgery option actually removes a portion of the stomach leaving a little pouch. This remaining stomach pouch is linked to the ileum bypassing the duodenum and jejunum then. Because of the risky for nutritional deficiencies, this weight-loss option is not as frequently done compared to the other surgical weight loss procedures. A modified version of the BPD is the duodenal switch.

This gastric surgery leaves a larger portion of the stomach set up along with the pyloric valve as well as a portion of the duodenum. The pyloric valve regulates the quantity of food released from the belly into the small intestine. Do you understand why costs of weight surgery ought never to be considered a deciding factor?

When considering your weight-loss surgical options, avoid selecting the physician offering cheap weight loss surgery. Understand that dietary deficiencies are a huge risk supplementing and factor with special foods, nutrient, and nutritional vitamin supplements must be a lifelong commitment. Cheap weight loss surgery must not be requirements for having it done. Say no to cheap weight loss surgery.

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