The use of sound, auditory, and music reviews in a sports context is not new. BODiBEAT (Yamaha) and Philips IM4Sports (Wijnalda et al. MP3 players that can handle selecting music with a speed matching the heartrate or running speed. In the full case of IM4Sports, even the tempo of the music is altered-up to a certain limit-for more accurate matching.

The goal of the unit is to support and guide users’ training effort and intensity throughout a training session. Pod) launched extensions to existing MP3 players that allow these players to store training data obtained by adding a stride sensor; one which monitors running speed, stride size, and overall distance.

The results can be reviewed after the training session on an individual computer. During the exercise, one can pay attention to one’s preferred music and if a motivational impulse is needed, the iPod can play a pre-programmed ‘power melody’. Music mixes, specifically designed to support operating, can be downloaded to ensure ‘runnable’ music.

Adidas and Samsung to take it a step further with miCoach as in addition they incorporate a heart rate belt linked to a specially designed fitness mobile phone. Polar, Suunto while others have developed advanced training deals including multiple detectors (like GPS, heart rate, stride, cadence, rate, etc.). Sensor data are gathered and presented via an LCD screen on a wrist-top (wristwatch-like) computer. Auditory reviews can be utilized as an option, to indicate pre-set limits to guide training intensity, and it is given by means of watch-beep like shades (that tend to be regarded as irritating).

  • Keep a food diary to document your daily food intake
  • Doesn’t have built-in GPS
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  • Be present when you eat
  • NON-SLIP:Three non-slip silicones will be strongly attached to the heel to prevent slipping

As against exercise MP3 players and cell phones, these heart rate monitors enable specific guiding using a warming-up, dedicated, and cooling-down intensity zones. Taking a look at the growing variety of existing products, there is still a gap between fitness MP3 players and heartrate monitors. Fitness MP3 players are popular lifestyle products that might enhance motivation but often fail to substitute as real fitness coaches.

Heart rate screens have scientific backing and could provide as advanced fitness computers, however, they don’t address the motivations and are simply just directed at exercise fans. Motivation plays an important role in endurance exercising (Ryan et al. People usually understand working out as boring and unpleasant: a certain amount of motivation is required to complete an exercise session.

Motivation becomes more important if exercising needs to be managed over a longer period of time. Intrinsic inspiration is the type of motivation that occurs when people engage in an activity with no exterior pressure or affects. Pleasure and Interest play an important role in such an activity. Research has indicated that music has a brilliant impact in an exercise and sports context.