Before beginning functions in Houston County, a business, profession, or profession should apply for a business privilege permit with the Houston County Probate Office, 462 North Oates Street, Dothan, Alabama. This includes functions located within the municipal limitations of Ashford, Avon, Columbia, Cottonwood, Cowarts, Gordon, Dothan, Kinsey, Madrid, Rehobeth, Taylor, Webb. The state and county business privilege licenses must be renewed during the month of October each year.

The permit expires September 30 and should be renewed prior to November 1 each year to avoid fines and interest. To download a credit card application for a new business operating in Houston County, (click here). A Quick Reference Guide is providing to look for the license areas that may apply to your business or occupation.

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  • 6 weeks – 2.5-5 hours of lecture per week

An educational brochure for Alabama taxpayers, ‘Starting A FRESH Business’ is also provided by the Alabama Department of Revenue. Please, be aware a municipality within Houston County may have additional provisions for license fees and requirements for several businesses and occupations. You may need to contact the particular City Clerk’s office for the city or town where operations may be conducted.

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