If you create a personal profile for your brand instead of a Facebook Business Page, you’re heading to miss out on content creation tools, analytics, and paid promotional opportunities. Worse yet, people must send you a pal request before they can build relationships you. 2: Don’t create a ‘professional profile’ associated with your business. Let’s say you have an individual profile on Facebook and you will want a second profile for professional reasons.

This goes against Facebook’s terms of service and could get you in big trouble. 3: Select a friendly, interesting cover photo. This cover photo takes up most of the room above the fold on your Page, so you’ll want a high-quality image that draws in and retains your visitors’ attention. You may consider employing a specialist to generate this image for you.

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Keep words in the image brief and to the point. Faces work well at holding attention, and shiny colors are good, too. 4: Use a profile picture that’s easy to recognize. It could be your logo design or your headset if you’re the face of your business. Being recognizable is important to getting liked and found, so choose your picture carefully and then utilize it consistently.

5: Complete your ‘About’ section. This isn’t visible anymore when site visitors occur on your web page, yet it’s still one of the most clicked-on items when they want more info about your business. Put in your general explanation, company information, your story or whatever suits for your business. 6: Add a call-to-action button.

This is a superb way to operate a vehicle traffic to your internet site and build your list. Your call-to-action button may be to have guests watch a video, register with your list and so forth. 7: Post often, but not often too. In the event that you don’t post for months at the right time, in that case your business will not look professional.

Heck, you don’t even appear to be in business anymore. But if you post non-stop, you’ll likely annoy people. It’s a matter of finding that happy medium, which can vary from one business to some other. 8: When you have the time to respond, then let followers subject matter you privately.