LAEDC is a public-benefit nonprofit that works with business, education and authorities companions to collectively enhance opportunity and prosperity for all your residents of the greater Los Angeles region. LAEDC does this by fostering the growth of well-paying careers inside our key industries, and by preparing our residents for those opportunities.

Join us in our work fostering living-wage jobs in aerospace, advanced flexibility, bioscience, digital media & entertainment and other key industries in the region. Help us to work collectively to align workforce development with employing in these industries, through our relationship in Center for a Competitive Workforce. Read LAEDC’s research to help inform your decisions pertaining to the future of the economy. Interact public policy advocacy that supports progress on these issues.

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If what has been done properly in the previous seasons, autumn is a time of harvest for plants then. Fall is a time of maturity. The leaves are turning colors of platinum, red, and orange in planning for the wintertime. It is now time of harvest. Even as we grow in our Christian walk, we get into the fall of our spiritual life.

Our walk with god, the father should be closer during this season. Provided you have been diligent during the previous seasons, autumn is enough time of harvest. Autumn is the right time when you will see evidence of your effort. It is a time of harvesting and storing up for the winter.

Without the capability to accurately discern the season you are in, you will miss many opportunities. If you miss one season, you will need to wait before cycle comes around again unless God reorders your seasons. With a knowledge of the growing season you are in, you will be able to step into new spiritual truths and a larger ability to flow in the power of God. Autumn, with its vibrant trees is the transitional season having both the plethora and the limitation of our everyday lives.

Autumn helps us start to see the duration of time; that is, where we’ve result from and where we need to go. This is actually the season filled with anticipation. And if we have been obedient in the other periods, we will reap a harvest in credited season. Fall months are a season of reaping and fruition.

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It is a season of Thanksgiving and celebration of abundance and goodness of the earth. It really is a season of encouragement once we witness the recognizable changes in God’s earth. Autumn is enough time to resume old routines. Autumn brings the last of the warmth and comfort prior to the cold of winter, . It is the right time of both origins and endings.

Children go back to school, and for a few it is their first day in primary school, high college or school. Vacation time is over for most people who work. What Spiritual Season You Now are In Right? Christian Living the Story of the Poor Widow in the Bible: It isn’t what you learned.