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Post Graduate Programme IN GENERAL MANAGEMENT For Working Professionals (PGPpro)

PGPpro, ISB’s version of a Weekend Executive MBA (EMBA) program gives participants to be able to learn from an outstanding faculty from the best B-schools in the world at no opportunity cost or travel cost. THE INSTITUTION offers a mixture of outstanding citizen faculty and going to faculty from partner academic institutions and other top global B-schools. They have considerable teaching, research and industry history and work towards bringing the latest management practice to classroom learning.

Participants gain valuable insights as faculty members talk about cutting-edge management ideas, global industry tendencies, business practices, and their own useful knowledge to the classroom. Participants get the opportunity to be back classroom with an exceptional band of individuals and to be taught by the finest faculty. Classroom learning is facilitated by faculty teachings and peer encounters. Classes are held in Bengaluru, Delhi (NCR), Hyderabad, and Mumbai on every alternate weekend (Saturday and Sunday) at the ISB’s designated centers along with a trip to ISB’s Hyderabad and/or Mohali campus. The program office aims to build a course of extraordinary people from diverse professional backgrounds having similar outlook and dreams.

Peer learning can be an important component of classroom experience. Participants learn and contribute to each other’s experience, discover new perspectives and gain knowledge of diverse functions, sectors, and organizational practices. Network is one of the very most valuable features in your professional journey. PGPpro individuals get full ISB alumni position and join a worldwide network of 9000 plus professionals across 43 countries.

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MoBeat: Using Interactive Music To Guide And Motivate Users During Aerobic Exercising

The use of sound, auditory, and music reviews in a sports context is not new. BODiBEAT (Yamaha) and Philips IM4Sports (Wijnalda et al. MP3 players that can handle selecting music with a speed matching the heartrate or running speed. In the full case of IM4Sports, even the tempo of the music is altered-up to a certain limit-for more accurate matching.

The goal of the unit is to support and guide users’ training effort and intensity throughout a training session. Pod) launched extensions to existing MP3 players that allow these players to store training data obtained by adding a stride sensor; one which monitors running speed, stride size, and overall distance.

The results can be reviewed after the training session on an individual computer. During the exercise, one can pay attention to one’s preferred music and if a motivational impulse is needed, the iPod can play a pre-programmed ‘power melody’. Music mixes, specifically designed to support operating, can be downloaded to ensure ‘runnable’ music.

Adidas and Samsung to take it a step further with miCoach as in addition they incorporate a heart rate belt linked to a specially designed fitness mobile phone. Polar, Suunto while others have developed advanced training deals including multiple detectors (like GPS, heart rate, stride, cadence, rate, etc.). Sensor data are gathered and presented via an LCD screen on a wrist-top (wristwatch-like) computer. Auditory reviews can be utilized as an option, to indicate pre-set limits to guide training intensity, and it is given by means of watch-beep …

Symptoms Of Hope And Empowerment For Overeating, Depression, Or Despair

The potential factors behind overeating, psychological eating, stress, or depression are numerous. Using food to deal with difficult life situations and complex emotions, or sense hopelessness and despair about your life can be associated with your own personality, problem-solving abilities, and the capacity to cope with life in self-supporting and creative ways.

If you have been making a significant effort to lose weight, end overeating or binge eating, or move beyond despair or sadness, you know that long-term change involves more than simply willpower, tightening your grip on food, or antidepressant medication. Your journey towards greater pleasure requires establishing workable goals for enhancing your daily life and determining what talents you have to solve your problems.

Initially, it may not appear like you are making much progress. Maybe your body weight significantly has not changed, you reached a plateau, you are using binge or emotional eating to deal with stressful situations still, or you have not moved beyond your unhappiness yet. However, on your way toward your brand-new life, many changes have been taking place behind the scenes. To avoid feeling discouraged, allowing your anxious feelings to undermine your self-confidence, or quitting, it’s important to make note of the many changes that are occurring.

  • Your body breaks it into its simplest forms of carbohydrates, protein, and fats
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