Imagine my surprise when I opened the entranceway to the guestroom I have been assigned, and there was a family group (parents and a small child) inside! I apologized, and returned to leading desk. One of the real estate agents called the guestroom to request the name of the visitor in the area.

She then apologized to the individual who had solved the telephone; however, She was thought by me build was more matter-of-fact than sincere, and no one apologized to me. I noticed the brokers talking as though this was not the first time this got occurred. Leading desk agent didn’t recognize my status or thank me for being a loyal member. The guestroom was an average extended or professional type Holiday Inn Express guestroom.

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It was spacious, comfortable, and clean. We didn’t hear any sound from outside the guestroom, or from the ground above. I am uncertain if this acquired more regarding the fact that the hotel had not been very full, than it did with the soundproofing quality of the available room.

The spacious bathroom included a long vanity with mirror, standard Holiday Inn Express bathroom amenities, and a minimal quaility hairdryer. The bathtub/shower combination experienced a curved rod with a shower drape. The closet in the entry had a mirrored door, and an iron was included by it, ironing table, and bed linens …